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  • 5 Ways to get kids active in the playground?
    5 Ways to get kids active in the playground?
    Government guidelines state that children aged between 5 and 18 years of age should be participating in at least 60 minutes of exercise each day. With classroom work and of course, regular family routine, this can often be difficult to fit in, in one solid 60 minute period. With the help of break times throughout the school day however, and of course the right playground equipment, schools are now helping to keep children active far more than they ever have been.
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  • Playground Safety - Why Use An Expert?
    Playground Safety - Why Use An Expert?
    Playgrounds play a very big role when it comes to a child’s development as well as the memories they recall when they’re older - they’re often the most remembered ones. Not only do children play and explore in parks but they learn to socialise and create lasting memories that they treasure throughout their lives. But what happens to our parks and playgrounds when the risk becomes too much.
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  • What areas are suitable for playgrounds?
    Playgrounds are a vital part of any community, whether that’s a public playground or a private one in an educational setting. They offer families and young ones an incredible place to play and socialise. More importantly, they can provide children with a great place to let off steam.
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