5 benefits of having playground equipment for your school?

More and more schools are now realising the importance of having playground equipment available to students, from nursery and infants to juniors and through to the secondary schools. If you’re still yet to be convinced however, we think these 5 major benefits will show you just how important the right playground equipment is.

1. Encourages More Outdoors Time

Technology is becoming a bigger part of our lives than ever before and with that, more and more children spend their time inside, glued to their tablets and computer games. With enticing playground equipment however, it encourages children away from their technology, outside into the fresh air. From junior school children instead choosing to play games on their phones during break and even through the secondary school children, playground equipment is vital for encouraging more outdoor time.

2. Improves Physical Health

Spending time on playground equipment helps improve physical health for children from Early Years Foundation Stage to juniors and even older. Climbing, swinging, running and more, all children will see an improvement in their physical health thanks to them sliding, balancing and stretching. Playground equipment encourages exercise through play.

3. Develops Socialisation Skills

A huge bonus of playground equipment is that children will undoubtedly have to share their space and when they do, they’ll inevitably learn how to play with others. By doing so, they’ll encourage children to further develop their socialisation skills away from the classroom and away from the close supervision of the teacher. This won’t just help children learn how to play with others but can really help boost their confidence.

4. Encourages Creativity

Playground equipment can light up children’s imaginations, allowing them to role play, imagining different situations on each piece of equipment. Unlike a playground that contains no equipment whatsoever, a playground with climbing frames can transform itself into pirate ships, beaches and so much more. Children can be truly creative.

5. Supports Mental Health

An increasing number of young children are said to be feeling the stress and strain from the classroom. Having a playground filled with equipment that allows little ones to burn off some steam and really encourage physical activity is the perfect way to counteract these stresses. Physical activity releases endorphins which in turn, is a great remedy for stress and anxiety.

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