5 Ways to get kids active in the playground?

Government guidelines state that children aged between 5 and 18 years of age should be participating in at least 60 minutes of exercise each day. With classroom work and of course, regular family routine, this can often be difficult to fit in, in one solid 60 minute period. With the help of break times throughout the school day however, and of course the right playground equipment, schools are now helping to keep children active far more than they ever have been.

In this article, we’re looking at 5 ways to keep children active in the playground and it all begins with the right equipment.

Playground Fitness Equipment

When we use the term playground fitness equipment, we aren’t referring to mini treadmills. Instead, we’re referring to specially made durable playground equipment that specifically encourages activity. Here at Sovereign Early Years, we boast a whole host of fitness equipment made with early years foundation stage in mind. From balancing plank sets to bridges and even tunnels that actively encourage little ones to move, balance and run.

Role Play Equipment

While you may not think it, role play equipment such as outdoor kitchens, can have a great effect on a child’s activity. It means instead of being sat down and sedentary throughout play time, they remain on their feet, if only walking, and active for the duration. Equipment like this is great for encouraging exercise and more activity, especially in those who may not want to remain active, as it does so without them even realising it.

Playground Activity Panels

By placing activity panels around the playground at certain heights, you once again allow children to remain active by remaining on their feet through break time. From chalkboards to weave panels and even little artists' perspex panels that can be used with messy play - they all entice children to get up and get active without them having to think about exercise for the simple fact that they’re too busy focusing on play.

Playground Markings

Playground markings are a great way to encourage activity, especially when you utilise the right markings. From sports courts to hopscotch and even snakes and ladders; having playground markings like this in your educational setting can encourage children to run, jump and play throughout their entire playground. With bright colours and exciting designs, playground markings will keep children playing games with ease.

Playground Climbing Frames

Last but not least, the most obvious choice of them all - the playground climbing frame. This can be one of the best additions to a playground in terms of keeping little ones exercising more intensely as they require children to pull themselves up, climb, jump and scale large obstacles and in turn, that heart rate rises.

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