How To Create Fun In Early Years Settings

Play is one of the main ways that a child in an early years setting learns and develops. It helps a child to build their own self worth, by teaching them about their own abilities, what they can and can’t do and what they need to do in order to learn and grow. Play can help build a child’s confidence and because it’s fun, children can learn, grow and develop without even realising it.

Children Learn Through Play

Play is hugely important to a child’s development, especially at such a young age. It’s integral to not only their physical development, such as their strength, balance and motor skills, but their emotional development too as it teaches them to socialise, share their space and future develop their own language skills. Play really helps nurture their imagination and can give a child a real sense of adventure - utilising this by creating a fun outdoor space is therefore vital for children in an early years setting.

It’s Important To Set The Scene

In order to make the most of the developmental tool that is fun, an early years setting must set the scene by providing a space that encourages play and allows children to let off steam and interact with their peers. While not all early years settings will have the space for playground equipment, they’ll certainly have the space for soft play equipment which can be just as enjoyable for children of this age. You may also want to consider playground activity panels which can sit neatly on walls, as well as small bridges for little ones to balance upon and scale as well as arts and crafts equipment such as chalkboards and more.

Role Play Can Be Instrumental

Role play is an extremely fun activity for young ones. Incorporating equipment such as miniature kitchens and dining tables allows children to assume roles and pretend to be people they see around them. Children make sense of the world by acting out what they see around them and this can be a fantastic way to do that for little ones. Role play like this can also contribute to a child’s emotional development too.

Allow Children To Explore Outdoors

Outdoor exploration needn’t mean leaving the early years setting. On the contrary, we have a plethora of equipment that can be stored in your outdoor space that will allow them to explore nature in the comfort of their own playground. From bug hotels to mini beast towers and even wiggly worm farms.

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There is so much fun that can be had in any early years setting, as long as you have the right equipment.

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