Are you hoping to create an outdoor Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) playground on a budget? Then we have the ultimate guide for you. Here are just a few different ways to improve your outdoor area without spending too much money.

Improve Storage

Helping young ones gain easy access to their favourite construction or literacy toys is a sure fire way to encourage them to use them during play. The best way to offer easy access is to provide easily accessible playground storage options.

Not only will this allow children to be more independent but it will also save time for the team. Items such as lockable storage units or even multi-purpose activity sheds will all aid in keeping your outdoor play area organised and accessible.

Increase Active Play

Children love nothing more than exploring, climbing and generally getting active. With that in mind, including equipment that helps increase activity will always be a huge bonus for early years settings.

Our Early Years climbing frames not only allow more than one child to use them at a time but are portable too, so can be rearranged to suit as and when you need. They can also be used to tunnel, climb and socialise, while helping develop strength and balance at the same time, making them a super versatile and affordable piece of equipment.

Encourage More Reading

A simple bench can make a huge difference in a playground, especially when books are kept in your storage boxes. We have a range of playground seating, from reading chairs to storage benches, which can create a wonderful reading corner within a playground. Allow young minds to travel into a story in the fresh air.

Encourage Investigation

Children love water and sand, muddy play and generally exploring the world around them and any outdoor area should encourage this messy play. This however doesn’t need to cost the earth.

In fact, a simple sandbox or planter box can be some of the most affordable additions to any playground. Whether it’s a sensory play table or a sand and ball play pit, simple and affordable additions like this can make a huge difference.

Encourage Inclusive Play

From simple mud kitchens to castle panels, any equipment that encourages active role play will encourage inclusive play. In fact, all of our equipment has been designed with this in mind because socialisation is so very important.

A simple addition to your playground, in the form of a wooden train or odd blocks is the perfect way to encourage inclusive play on a budget.

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