How Playground Design Has Changed Over The Years To Help Child Development

If you take a look at earlier day playgrounds, you’d see a very crude example of what we know today. As could be expected, health and safety requirements weren’t top of the leader board when it came to design. Playgrounds of yesteryear were simply a place to let off steam.

Playground equipment were rather poorly made structures, consisting of iron and often sharp edges. If children weren’t careful, damage could easily be done. Fast forward to today however, and playgrounds have come a long way, not only in their appearance but in their purpose.

Playgrounds have evolved and while also still a fantastic place for children to burn some energy, are also now designed to help with child development.

More Than Just Swings

Playgrounds are now more than just swings, in fact, each and every play station provides some form of developmental benefit. Here’s a breakdown of how each item of playground equipment helps to stimulate child development in some way, shape or form:


While swings may just look like a fun ride for young ones, it’s actually a great way to encourage a child’s nervous system and it lay in the back and forth movement of the swinging action. Through swinging, children will learn how their bodies move and also learn to understand the effort it takes to alter their speed.


Ever seen children on a merry-go-round? Then you will have seen children learning about their posture and more importantly their balance. Through spinning, children must maintain their correct posture and balance while playing. Spinners or merry-go-rounds offer great opportunity for children to do this.


Sliding actually encourages children to focus on multiple senses, from tactile to vestibular and more. Sliding also challenges upper body strength and core strength as well as general spacial awareness. It can help to encourage their reactions too as they’re encouraged to alter their posture and balance as they reach the bottom of slides.


From group play to just one-on-one, one of the great tools of any playground is it’s ability to encourage children to use their mind. It allows their imagination to run away with them. They can take part in role play and imagine different scenarios, taking on different roles. It’s also key in helping them build their social skills.

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