How The Playground Helps To Improve Children’s Development

How The Playground Helps To Improve Children’s Development

Would you be surprised to learn that playgrounds aren’t just there to help little ones burn off energy and let off steam. Did you know playgrounds are actually essential for child development?

In fact, playgrounds can help improve your child’s development hugely, so much so that the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights has recognised the use of a playground as every child’s right.

With this in mind, we thought we’d look at why playgrounds are more than just a fun space and how exactly they help to improve development through the art of play.


Climbing Equipment

Whether children are climbing playground equipment or trees, climbing helps to build body awareness. They must focus on their arms, their legs and every other body part to ensure they climb safely.

Along with creating body awareness, climbing equipment can also provide a great base for children to learn simple directions such as up, down, left or right.

Throw in to this the child’s need to problem solve and overcome conundrums such as, ‘where do I put my legs/arms next’ and it’s a fantastic all round learning experience.

The Swings

Many would associate swings with a simple fun ride but did you know it actually promotes learning, helping to boost your child’s development too?

It does so through the art of balance, teaching a child how to balance as they’re pushed back and forth. It also helps them practice basic things such as fine motor skills as they grip chains to hold themselves in place.

Overhead Equipment

Once again, motor skills are the developmental point highlighted here as overhead equipment encourages children to help build their fine and gross motor skills.

From grabbing bars to swinging from bar to bar. Children must learn to move one hand in front of the other while also considering the rest of their body; where it is and where it needs to go.

Role Play

Kids role play toys can take place on almost any piece of equipment thanks to a child’s wonderful imagination.

This is brought out all the more however on playground equipment such as mud kitchens and planters for nurseries as it encourages children to think about their roles as well as what speech and movement is associated with that role.

It also helps them develop their story telling and encourages inclusivity as they welcome others to join in.

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