The new lockdown is now in effect and with its onset brings not only new rules but a new amount of confusion for a great deal of people out there. Today, we’re looking at ‘Playground Lockdown Rules’ and what that means - what we’re allowed to do and what we aren’t.

First things first, there is no time limit currently set on how long you’re allowed to spend outside each day however, having said that, the government is asking for a certain level of common sense here by asking you to, “minimise time spent outside your home.”

The guidance states that we should only be leaving home for:

  • School
  • Work (if we’re unable to work from home)
  • Medical reasons
  • Essential food shopping
  • Checking on someone within your support bubble
  • Getting out for exercise

Are Playgrounds Open?

If there’s something we remember from the last lockdown, it’s that playgrounds and some parks were actually locked off from the public. Regardless of the government advising people to spend time outdoors, numerous local authorities were forced to shut down government funding park and playground facilities, due to the onslaught of visitors and fear of spreading the virus further.

Thankfully, during this lockdown, things are slightly different with a few new rules - one such rule being that playgrounds will remain open. Whether or not this is linked to schools remaining open is one such speculation however what we do know is that during the new lockdown, people will be able to exercise outside and visit public places with people within their household.

In short, parents and carers can take young ones to recreational outdoor facilities throughout lockdown. In fact, people can actively visit:

  • Parks
  • Beaches
  • Countrysides
  • Public gardens
  • Allotments
  • Playgrounds

All as long as people continue to social distance.

Advice For Visiting Parks & Playgrounds

While playgrounds may indeed still be open, it’s worth remembering that we must stick to the new rules of social distancing and doing all we can to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. As long as you take heed of these words of wisdom below, we believe young ones can still very much enjoy their favourite playgrounds, with a much reduced risk of spreading or even catching the virus altogether.

Use Sanitiser Gel

Please do keep hand sanitiser in your hand bag or nappy bag. Give everyone within your household (including children) hand sanitiser, before, during and after visiting the playground to keep hands clean and free from germs.

Social Distance

While it may be tempting to chat with other parents, ensure you keep your distance at all times. Stick to a minimum of two meters just to be safe. You may also want to encourage children to play on pieces of equipment that aren’t being used to prevent overcrowding on or around certain play areas.

Clean Touch Points

Before opening gates, feel free to clean them with a hand wipe or better yet, wear disposable gloves which you can easily throw away in a bin afterwards.

Ensure You Wear A Mask

Anyone over the age of 11 is required to wear a mask. We advise wearing one as some young children may not understand the idea of social distancing. By wearing a mask, you keep yourself safe and allow your children to enjoy the playground space at the same time.

Contact Sovereign Play Today

For more help and advice when it comes to using playground equipment during lockdown, we suggest calling the experts Sovereign Play Equipment on 01702 804200. As manufacturers of high-quality playground equipment, these guys will be able to provide you with the best guidance possible to ensure your little ones get to enjoy their time to the max during lockdown, while staying as safe as possible. So, contact us today!