Preparing Playgrounds For The Return Of Children/Students

How To Prepare Playgrounds When Schools Return

Select year groups have begun returning to school. These include Reception, Year One and Year Six. Whether more will follow before the scheduled ‘summer holidays’ remains to be seen however it’s likely that all will return this coming September. Despite all children likely returning to school this autumn, social distancing measures will still very much be in place.

Taking this time with few or in some cases, no students on the premises to prepare your playground equipment for their return is the sensible thing to do.


School Life Will Inevitably Change

School life for most children will be a very different experience when they return. Children will still be encouraged to social distance where and when possible and measures will be put in place to allow this to happen. This will mean utilising the playground as valuable ‘outdoor learning space’ is going to become a necessity in the forthcoming months. 

So what can be done to prepare playgrounds for the return of children and students? Here are just a few ways in which playgrounds can be utilised to encourage social distancing as well as active learning.

Practice Hygiene

Hygiene will very much be at the forefront and hand washing stations are going to become a necessity. Not only will there need to be more hand washing stations inside of the school but they’ll need to be hand washing stations in the playground too as children will inevitably come into contact with each other as well as the usual germs and dirt.

This can be achieved by placing jugs of water as well as soap and tissue paper or hand sanitiser on our outdoor wooden tables at strategic places around the playground.

Create Outdoor Learning Spaces

We now know it’s much safer outside. The risk of contracting COVID-19 reduces dramatically as soon as you step out into the fresh air. This means schools will need to utilise their outdoor space as much as possible by creating outdoor learning spaces within their playground.

Once again, our outdoor reading chairs for nurseries, benches and even our nursery play cabins can be utilised as the perfect learning environment while reducing risk to the children and teaching staff at the same time.

Placement Of Playground Equipment Must Be Considered

Last but not least, placement of playground equipment must be considered. Ensuring each play station is situated a few metres away from the other will ensure children disperse when using them.

This helps reduce crowds and will also mean more than one classroom can enjoy the play area at the same time making the learning day much easier for teaching staff to manage.

Contact Us Today For More Information

If you’d like help and guidance on preparing your playground for the return of children and students in the near future, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team are here to help you provide a safe and enjoyable learning space for both little ones and teaching staff alike, so please do call on 01702 804198.

We’ll assist you in finding the right playground equipment and the right tools to provide a playground that doesn’t just offer fun and excitement but is functional and beneficial for the forthcoming school year.