Playgrounds are a vital part of any community, whether that’s a public playground or a private one in an educational setting. They offer families and young ones an incredible place to play and socialise. More importantly, they can provide children with a great place to let off steam.

When people think of playgrounds however, they usually think of the public playground that sits in their local council owned park and they wouldn’t be wrong. But would you be surprised to learn that playgrounds are actually suitable for a multitude of locations? Here’s a rundown of the most suitable areas for playgrounds… you may even be surprised by a few.

Public Parks

It’s the most obvious choice. Public parks are the perfect space for playgrounds. They can usually offer a scenic space away from roads, surrounded by trees and clean, fresh air.

They’re the perfect environment for young families to visit and provide a real escape from the four walls we tend to spend most of our time in. Whether families visit of a weekend or after the school day, public parks provide the perfect place to house playground equipment. But they aren’t the only place…

Schools & Nurseries

Schools and nurseries are becoming more aware of the benefits associated with playgrounds, especially for young and developing children. Playground equipment in school playing fields and playgrounds can provide children with the perfect place to let off steam away from the restraints of a classroom. Even at pre-school, children can find themselves in strict schedules with learning becoming a part of their everyday life.

Having time to escape that can help children rest, relax and recoup, easing any stresses and thus being of huge benefit to their mental health. Likewise, playgrounds in schools and nurseries can also aid toward a child’s physical development too and can help encourage active play - something schools are always looking to achieve with 1 hour a day being the goalpost for most.


It’s not one of the most obvious choices for some but Churches are actually a great location for playgrounds. As crazy as it may seem, churches can benefit hugely by providing playground equipment in their church yard.

Not only does it allow the congregation to feel more at home and become more familiar with the church itself but it can also help make the church more appealing to younger children who may otherwise struggle to see the attraction. With the promise of playtime following a sermon, churches could find their congregation expanding with ease.


Local Attractions

From zoos to theme parks, playground equipment can provide a great place for toddlers to enjoy themselves when other attractions may not be accessible, such as bigger attraction rides or even pet feeding experiences for example. They’re ideal for giving parents a chance to sit and relax after a packed lunch before they explore another area.

Need Professional Playground Equipment Installed?

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