What’s The Difference Between Early Years & Normal Playground Equipment?

When it comes to the creation of playgrounds, there are so many different pieces of equipment that can be utilised. Each piece offers its own benefit to children in both a playful and of course educational sense. That being said, we’re often asked the difference between an Early Years playground and what’s dubbed as a ‘normal playground’. Let’s take a look…

Playground Childhood Memories

Looking back to our own childhood, it’s safe to say that every single one of us spent time in a playground at one point or another. From slides to swings and perhaps even monkey bars.

They were pretty basic and looking back now, the idea of health and safety may have been a distant dream. That being said, we had fun and luckily for our parents, we blew off steam. In many housing estates now, normal playgrounds aren’t too dissimilar.

There are without a doubt, a lot more healthy and safety aspects now in place but it’s safe to say, the swings, slides, roundabouts and climbing frames are still very much there.

What then, is the difference between the playgrounds we see in our own neighbourhoods to the early years playground settings that we at Sovereign Early Years manufacture. In short, development.

The Benefits Of Early Years Playground Equipment

While early years playground equipment is obviously there to provide a fun and enjoyable experience, what most aren’t aware of is the fact that it also provides a great role in early years development. Here at Sovereign Early Years, we manufacture playground equipment for the early years setting that helps promote:

  • Physical Strength - from balancing logs to building blocks, bridges and even freestanding adventure towers, we have a range of equipment designed specifically to help improve physical strength and development in little ones. They have been specifically designed to help young ones improve their physical strength in a safe environment that’s fun at the same time. 
  • Better Coordination - our balancing logs and tip toe steps, even our wibbly wobbly path is there to encourage little ones to think about where they’re putting their feet. It encourages them to concentrate on their own balance and coordination.
  • Socialisation Skills - all of our equipment, especially our imaginative and role play items, have been designed to provide an inclusive environment that encourages socialisation. This not only encourages children to play with each other but encourages them to develop their social skills, learning to make friends, communicate and share their space happily.
  • Fine Motor Skills - from our stacking foam play bricks to our octagonal planters and sandpits, all have been designed to provide a child with a real sensory experience, allowing them to feel and touch different materials. Not only that, but it also encourages them to develop their fine motor skills as they play and interact with each item. Picking up sand, using our camouflage net etc.

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While a child may think they’re playing, they’re actually aiding their own development, both physically and mentally and it’s this that sets an early years playground apart from a ‘normal playground’.

If you’d like more information on our early years playground equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01702 804198.