EYFS/Early Years Playground Equipment For Parks

Welcome to Sovereign Early Years, manufacturers of quality playground equipment aimed at the Early Years Foundation Stages. For a number of years, we have been manufacturing high quality timber playground equipment aimed at helping little ones during some of their most developmental stages. Our equipment is made to health and safety regulations, and while it is predominantly used by nursery and primary school settings, it can also be used in parks and playgrounds outside of educational settings.

A Company You Can Trust

Here at Sovereign Early Years, we’re proud to be a company that you can trust. Time and again, we’re called upon to create playground equipment that offers both mental and physical benefits, for a number of settings, from small back gardens to large scale local authority playgrounds and we do so with pleasure.

With our incredible team of professionals, we’re able to not only manufacture the equipment but design and install playground equipment for parks at some very competitive prices. We do our best to provide you with as affordable service as possible, while helping you create a truly unique playground with our equipment.

We Provide A Range Of Playground Equipment

We’re proud to boast a range of equipment that meets not only health and safety regulations but the needs of the children using it too. Our range of equipment includes…

Creative, Sensory & Understanding

Our creative, sensory and understanding equipment includes a range of messy play areas, from sand pits and mud play to outdoor exploration equipment and even arts, crafts and music play.


From octagonal planters to herb gardens and more, our gardening equipment can be used to not only decorate but encourage children to appreciate the nature around them.

Imaginative & Role Play

Imaginative and role equipment is ideal for encouraging children to really use their imagination and socialise with other children around them. From mud kitchens to bridges, benches and much more.

Physical Development

Our physical development range encourages active play through the use of playground towers, early years climbing frames and even playground fitness equipment. They aid physical development from balance to fine and gross motor skills as well as mental development as the children learn to overcome and solve problems.

Contact Us Today

All of our design and installation services are carried out in-house, by our own company Sovereign Play. Not only does this avoid the often complicated use of sub-contractors but it also allows us to keep our prices for these services as low as possible.

If you’d like more information on our early years playground equipment for parks and how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01702 804198.