EYFS/Early Years Special Needs (SEN) Playground Equipment

In England alone, there are over 1.3 million pupils with special needs, which equates to a total of almost 15% of the entire pupil population. It’s therefore imperative, as a nation, that we provide playground equipment that’s inclusive and accessible for all. Early years special needs outdoor play equipment is built to help develop a child’s skills and encourage outdoor play in an accessible manner.

By encouraging inclusive play like this, with the help of special needs (SEN) playground equipment, you’re helping children of all different abilities, interact and play together. Not only that, but you’re providing children of all abilities, with the opportunity to develop and improve their motor skills through their senses, touch, sight and of course sound.

All of our sensory equipment has been designed to not only meet health and safety regulations but to be visually appealing, enjoyable and most of all, accessible. They allow for prolonged periods of concentration in what is ultimately a safe and secure environment. Made from high quality timber, our equipment has been built to last and will provide special needs children with hours of fun and developmental opportunities.

Inclusive Play For All Children

With our special needs playground equipment, you can provide special needs children with a wide variety of activities, allowing children of all abilities to play together. Outdoor play isn’t just vital for young ones with special needs to help develop their physical health but it’s also a great opportunity for children to enjoy positive learning as well as experience social inclusion. Our special needs play equipment has been designed specifically with this in mind.

Here at Sovereign Early Years, it’s our belief that all children have the right to play and that’s what we provide through our equipment by ensuring it’s…


It’s our aim to ensure all of our SEN playground equipment is designed to provide complete accessibility for children of all abilities, whether with parents/carers or alone.


We want our equipment to engage the senses, promote group play and help encourage role play and imaginative play. We want every child to enjoy our equipment.

Clear In Its Intention

All of our SEN playground equipment has been designed to be clear in its use, providing obvious signals with regards to safe areas and where to be mindful of when in use.

Accessible by 360 Degrees

OAll equipment has been created to be accessible from all angles, making it wheelchair friendly, autism friendly and accessible for all.

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