Nursery play equipment supplied by Sovereign

Nursery Playground Equipment

Here at Sovereign Early Years, we manufacture high-quality playground equipment designed to cater specifically toward the early years setting. Our nursery outdoor play equipment offers items within the creative, sensory and understanding category through to imagination and role play aimed pieces; not forgetting our nursery outdoor play equipment is designed specifically to aid with physical development.

All of our equipment has been constructed to provide a fun and enjoyable setting that allows children to develop these all important skills without them even realising.

With the right equipment in your armoury, your nursery playground equipment can help your nursery’s pupils develop in both a physical and mental sense, providing a great way to boost health and wellbeing at a young age, giving them the best start possible.

With such benefits, it’s no surprise that outdoor playgrounds like this are an imperative part of all nursery settings. Not only do they allow for structured play but they can improve a child’s personal and social skills from a very early age too. Finding the right nursery playground equipment is therefore incredibly important, to ensure you can provide that much needed extension to the classroom.

Why Choose Sovereign Early Years

Here at Sovereign, we’ve been manufacturing high-quality playground equipment for a number of years. We’ve not only become experts within our field and leading playground manufacturers, but over that time, have been lucky enough to hand pick an incredible team of designers, manufacturers and installers.

All of our equipment is made to the highest safety standards and comes with a ten year warranty. While we understand that many customers will have their own ideas and desires when it comes to what equipment to place in their playground, we also understand that many enjoy the guidance our team can provide. From the design of your playground to the delivery and installation - here at Sovereign, we have you covered every step of the way.

Playground Design & Installation

We understand the importance of zoning as well as safety space, and given your budget, area in which we have to work, along with an estimated user age, we can help you create a playground that won’t just allow your nursery’s little ones to let off steam but will help them develop in ways only outdoor play can.

While all of our items have been designed to be lifted and moved by two healthy adults, we are aware that not everyone will want to move this type of equipment around, nor build it upon its arrival. That’s why we offer an add-on installation service, should you need it.

Contact Us Today

If you’d like more information on how we can help you encourage creative play in your nursery setting today, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01702 804198. Our team is on hand at all times to answer any questions and make the completion of your nursery outdoor play equipment as simple as 1,2,3.