Primary school play equipment supplied by Sovereign

Preschool Outdoor Play Equipment

Here at Sovereign Early Years, we’d consider ourselves experts when it comes to educational play equipment. We not only understand what it takes to create hard wearing, durable and safe playground equipment, but we know what it takes to create playground equipment that helps develop young bodies and minds, regardless of ability.

We have been manufacturing Early Years Foundation Stage playground equipment for a number of years and over that time, have installed more nursery and EYFS playgrounds than we can remember. Our design and installation teams have brought many preschool outdoor play areas to life, providing a place for children to play and explore that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do without the necessary equipment.

The Benefits Of Outdoor Play Equipment For Preschools

Preschools and nurseries are a vital part of a young child’s life. They not only introduce little ones to the concept of ‘school’ and ‘education’, but they also provide a setting in which young children can explore and build their confidence. The addition of KS2 playground equipment however, provides multiple benefits for young ones. These include:

Develop Motor Skills

From climbing frames and more, playground equipment will help children develop both fine and gross motor skills as they learn to manoeuvre on and around all different objects, and what’s more, they’ll do so without even realising it.

Develop Strength & Balance

Once again, children will run and jump, climb and swing. All the while, they’ll be developing their own physical strength as well as their balance, learning about their body and their coordination. They’ll learn about where to put their arms and legs, how they should engage their core muscles to balance and learn so much more about their own bodies. They’ll do all of this through play, from the swings to climbing frames and even balancing logs.

Develop Social Skills

Playgrounds are places where multiple children play on equipment all at once. Being such an inclusive space, children soon learn to interact with children they’ve never met before and also learn how to share their space. They’ll learn about making room for other children and so much more.

Support Emotional Wellbeing

Children as young as preschool age can often have very strict timetables and even extra curricular activities. Having time to run free, away from restrictions and timetables in the fresh air can work wonders for a little one’s emotional wellbeing. It takes them away from restrictions and simply lets them be.

Sovereign Early Years Has You Covered

At Sovereign Early Years, our team will work with you to make the most of your space and bring your potential playground to life. We’ll create zones for investigative learning, physical development and even messy or sensory play. We’ll ensure your playground provides as enriching experience as possible with a plethora of elements, to meet early years foundation stage learning goals.

We also ensure the equipment we produce is fully inclusive, allowing children of all abilities to enjoy it, while ensuring the playground itself looks exciting and aesthetically pleasing for all involved.

If you’d like more information on our playground installation services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01702 804198.