Pub Playground Equipment

Are you thinking of adding a playground or perhaps some select playground equipment to your pub garden? Then you’ve found the right place. Here at Sovereign Early Years, we can provide you with a wide variety of playground equipment, guaranteed to make your pub garden the most desired spot in town, at any time of year.

From climbing frames to balance logs, seating areas, benches and much much more - we have a huge selection of incredible equipment that’s not just built to last, but built with you in mind.

Pub Playground Equipment Will Encourage Longer Visits

While playground equipment may not be at the forefront of every landlord’s mind, you should note that having playground equipment within your grounds can have incredible benefits for business.

Not only will it allow families to spend time at your establishment more often, as parents often seek out child-friendly places when they venture out, but it can also help encourage people to stay at your public house for longer too. With the children entertained, many find parents will then stay for longer, ordering more drinks and food as a result. This means that not only will you find your customers spending more time at your pub, but they’ll be spending more money too.

Sovereign Early Years Has You Covered

Here at Sovereign Early Years, we produce high quality, durable playground equipment for children within an early years setting. With many years experience, we have a fantastic amount of knowledge and expertise when it comes to building playground equipment that isn’t just fun, but is safe and meets health and safety regulations.

All of our equipment is crafted to provide fun and excitement while also providing a safe space for young ones to let off steam. Made from a high quality timber, they’ll withstand the elements in any outdoor setting, providing you and your visiting families with years of fun and enjoyment.

We have a plethora of equipment to choose from however, with the help of our playground design and playground installation team, we can work with you to make the most of your space. We understand that you want to provide an area of entertainment for children while still giving adults the pub garden they need. Our design team can help you create your best playground yet, making the most of the space you have while respecting your budget and time frame.

Contact Us Today

If you’d like to speak with our team about pub playground equipment for your public house setting, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We have you covered from design through to installation, with a wide range of equipment and will help you make the very best pub playground possible. Call today on 01702 804198.